Virus Protection

Computers have become a necessity today and we would never like that someone else is controlling our computer. However, today there is an ever increasing chance of ad-wares, spy-wares & mal-wares crawling into your systems without your knowledge and taking away the controls. Things get really bad as these malicious programs affect the functionality of your PC, stealing your banking information, passwords, ECT…. Mostly these programs are controlled by hackers and you think that there is nothing we can do to stop this privacy invasion.

Recommended anti-virus protection is:

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Virus Removal

Some common symptoms in a virus infected computer are:

  1. Crashing of Hard Disk
  2. Data Loss
  3. System Slows Down
  4. Secured Information Getting hacked
  5. Application doesn’t response in the normal way
  6. Computer starts behaving abnormal
  7. Computer reboot’s automatically
  8. Computers don’t start at all
  9. Some software stop working
  10. Computer Hang
  11. Automatic POP UPs

This service cost $45 This price does not include antivirus software. This price is only for the removal of the virus's.