In the most simple terms, "data recovery" refers to the process of recovering data from a hard drive, removable disk, or other type of electronic storage media when the data is no longer accessible with normal means.
There are many ways to store data: hard drives, removable disks, CDs or DVDs just to name a few. No matter how reliable these storage products might be, any mechanical or electronic device can fail to function normally. In addition, there are many non-failure-related causes of lost or inaccessible data, such as accidentally deleting files, formatting/repartitioning a disk, or a forgotten password. Sometimes disaster strikes and a storage device might physically be unusable, such as in the case of a fire, a spill or other damage. When normal methods for accessing data fail, data recovery is the process we use to regain safe, reliable access to that data.

This service cost $75 when combined with another service. If a hard drive needs to be repaired and partition tables need to be rebuilt this service starts at $125