Power Supply Replacement

The Power Supply takes AC current and converts it to various DC voltages. If the power supply fails to deliver consistent and precise voltage to the components of the PC, the system can become unstable and can even damaged other components in your PC. Some symptoms might included but not limited to:
The PC randomly shuts itself off
The PC freezes before the operating system starts loading
Nothing happens when I turn on the PC

This service costs $75 plus parts

DC Power Jack Repair

One of the most common faults on a laptop is a broken DC Jack Socket. Sometimes the power cable gets pulled which can break the solder connections to the motherboard or the centre pin itself, or over time the solder joints can crack due to normal wear and tear. To repair this problem involves completely dismantling the laptop, desoldering the broken socket and soldering on a new one. Some computer shops will tell you that you need a new motherboard and quote you a three figure sum!

This service costs $65 plus parts