Laptop Screen Replacement

What's more distressing than the sound of your laptop's screen cracking as it hits the floor? If you've dropped your laptop—or dropped something on it—and the screen has fractured, the diagnosis is easy.
Laptop screens can fail in many ways; the screen may be cracked, smashed or leaking 'ink', it may show lines, random characters, white or black dots or show a very dark ghost image. Cracks may be caused by accident, or sometimes when the lid is opened quickly against stiff hinges. If the screen shows any signs of physical damage, including loosing 'ink', then it must be replaced; it cannot be economically repaired. If the screen shows lines, dots or random characters then the fault may be either caused by a faulty screen, motherboard fault or defective cable where it passes through the laptop hinge. Laptop Screen Replacement looks deceptively easy from pictures and You Tube Videos, but it is a skilled job requiring experience and care, as there is very little room inside the laptop and you need the right tools; this is definitely NOT a DIY job!

This service cost $85 plus the cost of parts.

(PC) Graphic Card Repair

It can be upsetting when the computer monitor doesn't seen to work properly. After all, if you can't see what is on the screen, or if what you see looks funny, your time on the computer is going to be more frustrating than enjoyable. Your graphics card may be the cause of this. If the diagnostic shows that it is indeed the graphics card. Then the graphic card will have to be replaced. The price below is only good for graphics card's supplied by The Computer Guy.

This service cost $75